About The Classroom Master Plan

To successfully develop a classroom master plan for the coming decade, the planning process needs to gather input from many directions, including broad feedback from faculty and students. In addition to reaching out to these groups, other specific efforts will include the collection of quantitative and qualitative information about current classroom utilization. Workshops and focus groups will also provide input to the final plan.

The Clasroom Committee 2017-18

The Classroom Committee is responsible for the execution of the Plan, renovating a selection of classrooms on an annual basis.

  • Susan Breeden, University Registrar, chair
  • Benjamin Broening, Associate Dean of Arts & Sciences
  • Carolyn Burruss, Interior Design Manager
  • Debbie Coward, Scheduling Coordinator, Registrar's Office
  • Kevin Creamer, Director for Teaching, Learning, and Technology
  • Mark Detterick, Associate Vice President for Planning & Budget, Planning & Budget Office
  • Della Dumbaugh, Professor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics & Computer Science
  • Benjamin Gillie, Project Manager, Design & Construction, Facilities
  • Mark Nichols, Lab Manager, Academic Computing Services
  • Chuck Rogers, Director of Design & Construction, University Facilities
  • Alison Smith, Director of Financial Planning, Planning & Budget Office
  • Ryan Stiles, Associate Registrar for Scheduling
  • Tim Vest, Director of Operations & Finance, Academic Affairs
  • Doug West, Assistant Vice President for Telecommunications and Multimedia Services
  • Carol Wittig, Head, Instruction & Information Services, University Libraries

Classroom Master Plan Committee 2012-2014

The Classroom Master Plan committee was responsible for the development of the overall plan.

  • Steve Allred, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Kathy Monday, Vice President for Information Services
  • Susan Breeden, University Registrar
  • Andrew McBride, Associate Vice President for Facilities and University Architect
  • Mark Detterick, Associate Vice President for Financial Planning and Budget
  • Doug West, Assistant Vice President, Telecommunications, Multimedia Services & User Services
  • Kevin Butterfield, University Librarian
  • Kevin Creamer, Director for Teaching, Learning, and Technology

Classroom Master Plan Liaisons 2012-2014

Classroom Master Plan Liaisons were selected by the respective deans office to provide ongoing input to the development of the Plan.

  • Kathleen Skerrett, Dean, School of Arts & Sciecnes
  • Libby Gruner, Associate Dean, School of Arts & Sciences
  • Bob Schmidt, Robins School of Business
  • Terry Price, Jepson School of Leadership Studies
  • Tim Coggins, T. C. Williams School of Law
  • Pat Brown, School of Professional and Continuing Studies